I’m back.

You know that saying (or expression?) where “Your real friends are those who,  you may not speak with or see everyday, but when you finally do, it’s like no time has elapsed at all?”

Well, in my case, it’s clearly been YEARS since I wrote…I hope you’ll forgive me.  Life has been a whirlwind of activity in the past few years and I have a lot to tell.

I want to tell you about my adventures since returning to the workplace in August 2014.  (Wait, what?) Yes. Let’s go back in time. Are you ready?

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom….

Hi friends,

I come across articles like this all the time, but for some reason, today, this one hit me like a ton of bricks.

I didn’t talk about it much during the time I was a SAHM when my kids were much younger. Probably because I didn’t realize that it was happening. I mean, I had everything I needed and more, so what reason could I possibly have to feel so blue?

This is hard for me to to say, but now I feel okay with talking about it. I suffered from Postpartum depression for many years and didn’t realize it until after the birth of my second child. I couldn’t explain why I felt like I was not the same person I once was and why I was disliking so many things, so many people…..including myself. In fact, I only went to seek professional help when I realized that I was no longer the kind of person I would choose to be friends with.

It took some courage and some internal battle, but I got that help I needed and I was able to make big changes. Going back to work was one of those changes and now, over a year being back at work, I realized that having a professional “Daytime Me” and a separate “Evenings and Weekends Me” was what I’d probably needed all along. I adore my kids and family but realizing how much I’d lost myself along the way? That pretty much killed me.

I’ve never admitted this in full to anyone and today, after reading this article, it feels right to talk about it.

Thanks for being with me, friends. You all too, have played a big role in finding my lost self again.


Click here to read the article that touched me this morning.

So I’m in Lima, Peru.

Yes. You read that right.

I’ve tagged along my husband’s business trip.

I’ve got some explaining to do.

It was a bit of a spontaneous tag-along, as I only found out about, and accepted the offer to come about a week ago.

(Uh, who would pass up the opportunity for a free trip to South America? And in my case, for the first time?)

I do owe you all some stories. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening with me:

  1. I have a new boss and while I was apprehensive about him at first, the past four weeks of reporting to him have been…pretty good. I guess I just really loved my old boss. But this new one just may turn out to be loveable too…..in his own way.

2.  My “countdown” thing on the right hand side of my blog says: “The Big Day is Here.”  And well, is it?  Not really. But I’m in a place where I would not have imagined I would have been when I set the counter, about 18 months ago. I’m still enjoying my job and with the change of boss, the position may go in a direction that I just may end up liking. It’s still early, but let’s see what the next few months bring.

3. Lima, Peru. I’ve been here 2 days and I’ve learned so much about this interesting city, its sites and its history. (And the food? Wow!) But more importantly, I’ve had some time to get to know myself a little better. (The kids are at home with my awesome parents) Do I want to continue with how I’ve been living my life so far? Am I really happy? Is it time for new adventures?  Questions that will take some time to figure out, but ones that I am working on.

So that’s it, sort of.  I’m proud to say that I’m playing a small part in the amazing project my husband is working on. (www.cuddleandkind.com) If you click on the link, you’ll have a better idea of what we’re doing here in Lima.

I’ll be sure to post more soon.

On another note, was it only me who forgot that Paddington Bear was originally from Peru?  How did I forget that?

Here’s me and a statue of “The Pads” in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.  We’re hanging out in the Larcomar Mall Park along the coast.

Thanks for bearing with me, friends. I’m (literally) all over the map.


Tomorrow, the world changes

That’s a bit dramatic. 

But in a way, the world as I know it will change. 

Okay, not really. 

My youngest son’s world will change. 

And I’m nervous for him. 

He starts junior kindergarten tomorrow. 

In the last year, he went from being at home with his Stay-at-home Mom, then put in a daycare for a school year. Then tomorrow, he will be in a brand new school, full day, and then in an after-school program for about 1.5 hours until I pick him up. I’m thankful that his older brother will be at the school and the after-care, but I still can’t help but feel worried, stressed and nervous for him. 

It’s not like it will be a surprise. We’ve been preparing for months. I also know that in a lot of cases, kids get over these things in a shorter amount of time than adults do. He’ll be fine. 

For me, of course I feel guilty. I did book tomorrow off from work. But on Wednesday, Ty will be thrown into the new family routine once again. I know that most families do this everyday, every year.  

Good-bye summer. Thanks for the great send-off to, what many families consider, the busiest time of the year. 

A talented Mom indeed 

There is an amazing woman I work with who single-handedly raises an 8-year old daughter, works full-time at our office, and has a cake creating business on the side.

As a non-baker (and non-cook!) I asked her if she could create a cake for my son’s birthday this past weekend. It was a Minecraft-themed laser tag extravaganza.

She wow’d me. Take a look at that photo! Not only did she create the perfect cake which awed a group of twenty 8-year old boys, but all of the grown-ups stayed for a slice of her heavenly masterpiece. Believe me when I say that the thing tasted like wedding cake.

She’s my definition of super-Mom.

Thanks, Jessica! You are truly amazing.

Guess what I did today?


Well, have I got some fun news for all of you today!

You all remember that I work for a heavy equipment company, right?

Well, as part of every employee’s development, we are able to attend training sessions for all of forklifts that we sell, service and train on.

I now have a Driver’s Operator license to drive all of our trucks!

It was fun day of learning. Would a manufacturing company hire me in their warehouse?  Probably not.

But I can say that am licensed to fill a rack of pallets of product in any Canadian warehouse.

My kids are going to get a kick out of this.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (7)

The Boss (Part 2)


Hello, Friends.

My mood today can be described simply as “bummed out.”

My boss brought the team together this morning to let us know that he is moving out of the Manager role and pursuing another path within the company. It’s a great move for his career.

But for the 12 of us on his team, we are completely, well, “bummed out.”

If you remember my last post about my Manager, you’ll recall that I pretty much said that he is one of the biggest reasons why I’m still at this job. He’s a fantastic leader, always has an open and welcoming door to his office, he’s accessible via phone/text/email on the days he’s not in the office. He’s flexible with time, he’s a family man, so he understands the need for work/life balance. He’s empowering, not controlling, and he trusts his employees. He’s been a wonderful and positive influence in my transition from “Stay-at-Home Mom” to “Working Mom.”

And now, he’s leaving for a better opportunity, which I am very happy about….for him.

For me? Not so much.

It’s unfair, really. I haven’t even given my new and future Manager a chance, but there is part of me who thinks that the current boss is irreplaceable.

What’s that saying? “Change is good,” or “Change is constant”, or something. Either way, it’s all true.

For now, I’m just going to join my fellow teammates and be a little bummed today.

Let’s see how my story continues.